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How to go on an organized trip ?

Until a few years ago, booking a trip was quite tedious. It required making phone calls or going to a physical location. With the emergence of online travel agencies, the task has become easier. These agencies are now part of the daily life of travelers and have become part of their routine.

But because of their diversity, it is not easy to know which one to turn to. To help you, know that Sala√ľn Holidays is one of the best.

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Divacore Blueskull Bluetooth and in-ear headphones test

Divacore Blueskull : Test of an in-ear and Bluetooth headset

Headset manufacturers are increasingly looking for lightness associated with wireless, a combination that brings flexibility and comfort to music lovers. Then remains the inevitable battle between mobile headphones and in-ear monitors ! Today we offer you the test of a headphone test of a headset that combines wireless, in-ear and lightness ! It is the young French brand Divacore which markets the Blueskull and positions itself directly on the active nomadic niche.

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Discover Indonesia when you’re a geek

Discover Indonesia when you are a geek

Since July 1, 2015, it is possible for French tourists to visit Indonesia without a visa for a stay of 30 days. Indonesia is well known for its beaches and coral reefs that make many divers dream, but the first economy of Southeast Asia has other assets to seduce travelers.

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Green mobility: how to visit a city while limiting its environmental impact

Green mobility: how to visit a city while limiting its environmental impact ?

Today’Today, tourism travel accounts for more than 5% of global CO2 emissions. C’That’s why’It seems essential to change one’s means of transportation when the green mobility becomes a real alternative’When visiting a tourist city, one should reduce one’s environmental impact during a trip’a trip. C’It is in this sense that l’eco-mobility where green mobility becomes a real alternative for tourists.

How to opt for green mobility in the city ?

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Beaches of Algarve our selection of the most beautiful

Beaches of’Algarve: our selection of the most beautiful

The Algarve region, located in the south of Portugal, is known for its beautiful beaches that attract thousands of tourists every year from all over Europe. Selecting where to go is not easy, given the diversity of beaches scattered throughout the region. We propose to help you, by making a selection of the most beautiful beaches.

Where to swim in the Algarve ?

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Discover a country with a local travel agency

Discover a country thanks to a local travel agency

Lack of good information, mass tourism, difficulties to get to the park’obtaining administrative documents… these are all constraints that the’we meet when’we prepare a trip to an unknown destination. To avoid these inconveniences, you should use a local travel agency. How to get there’to take there ? C’This is what we propose you to discover in this article.

Why choose a local travel agency for a tailor-made trip far from mass tourism

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How to prepare your stay in the park

How to prepare your stay in the park ?

With summer coming, we all want to get out of our little habits and go on a trip
have fun more or less far away. While France is slowly but surely going downhill, a little
A village of Gallic diehards is already welcoming visitors to provide them with hours of entertainment
Fun and thrills. Discover how to best prepare your visit to the park
Asterix and make the most of it.

Prepare your stay at the Parc Asterix

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Expatriation : how to make friends quickly

Expatriation: how to make friends quickly ?

Group of friends in a park

Moving to a foreign country involves a lot of changes: language, food, climate… Little by little, your new routine will settle in. It is then time to recreate a social life in your new home. You have just arrived as an expatriate and you are wondering how to meet new people ?

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