Discover Indonesia when you’re a geek

Discover Indonesia when you are a geek

Since July 1, 2015, it is possible for French tourists to visit Indonesia without a visa for a stay of 30 days. Indonesia is well known for its beaches and coral reefs that make many divers dream, but the first economy of Southeast Asia has other assets to seduce travelers.

For movie lovers

The raid has marked the fans of action movies with its punchy scenes. Set in the slums of Jakarta, The Raid is one of the most famous Indonesian films in the world. Also in Jakarta, the International Film Festival, the biggest in the country, takes place every year in December.

It is a good opportunity to see international films in preview but also a selection of Indonesian films that it will be much more difficult to see abroad.

Indonesia, and more particularly the splendid island of Bali, is also the place of shooting of the film Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem. The film follows Liz’s introspective journey to define Bali as the island of love. Traveling in Bali, and more particularly in the small town of Ubud, you will be able to rediscover some of the settings of the movie and feel what Julia Roberts’ character felt.

Finally, the lovers of B series or Z series will enjoy themselves by going to the komodo islands. In the 2000s, several second-rate films have featured killer Komodos. The dragons of Komodo are the largest lizards in the world.

They can measure up to 3 meters long and weigh 70 kg. The Komodo National Park is also known as one of the seven new natural wonders of the world. And don’t worry, the dragons of Komodo are not as dangerous as in the movies.

They eat mostly small mammals, and are quite easy to observe.

For technology lovers

Unlike other parts of the country, Jakarta is a very modern city. Indonesia is one of the biggest powers in Asia and you can see that when you visit the city. Depending on the neighborhood, you will discover extremely rich or much more modest populations.

Jakarta is also a very interesting city to buy technological products like computer equipment or cameras.

The modernity of the city also allows to attend many concerts, sports events or participate in major festivals throughout the year. As you have understood, Indonesia is an extremely varied country that should be able to delight all types of travelers with its many treasures.