Divacore Blueskull Bluetooth and in-ear headphones test

Divacore Blueskull : Test of an in-ear and Bluetooth headset

Headset manufacturers are increasingly looking for lightness associated with wireless, a combination that brings flexibility and comfort to music lovers. Then remains the inevitable battle between mobile headphones and in-ear monitors ! Today we offer you the test of a headphone test of a headset that combines wireless, in-ear and lightness ! It is the young French brand Divacore which markets the Blueskull and positions itself directly on the active nomadic niche.

Indeed, Divacore targets in particular the sportsmen looking for the stability of an audio material placed on the ears having a capacity of isolation of the external world to support the concentration.

A nice packaging effort


At first sight, the design is very neat. The box is compact and reveals a carrying case containing, of course, the headset as well as three sets of earpieces and a mini USB charging cable. As far as the size is concerned, it&#8217s quite optimized for a sport use.

The carrying case associated with a carabiner allows you to move without worrying about whether the case will fall out of your pocket or not.

Neat but sober: the simplicity of the Blueskull kit does not necessarily give it an immediate brand image, so it is the hardware that will have to be attractive !

Ergonomics and listening comfort


Once placed on the ears and around the neck (from the back), it is necessary to make some adjustments before listening to the music Test the other available tips to adapt the position of the headphones. It is a pity that the in-ear earphones are not a little bit deeper in order to optimize the isolation, because you have to rely only on the width of the headset. This is the only limitation of rigid BTE headphones: an imposed listening position. The Blueskull has a reinforced cable section that goes over the top of the ear.

Contrary to what one might have thought, the rubber is not flexible and therefore can not be “shaped” to its own contour of the ear. Fortunately, the general comfort is quite correct, even in prolonged listening.


To control music or calls, the control pad (CoreTalk) is located on the right, behind the ear. This is not a very practical area to access but it is justified by the compact and light aspect of the Blueskull. The controls are very simple Three buttons are enough to control volume, play/pause and track change. For this last function, it might have been better to double-click the middle button rather than press and hold the volume control.

Because of the position of the control, it requires to stay longer in extension. But the sportsmen will not stop there ! Note that almost all the commands are associated with a voice confirmation (in English).

What is a the real plus for sportsmen is the lightness of the Divacore headphones: only 16 grams ! As much to say that one forgets very quickly the ear-phones even if they are extinguished. Another important advantage is the resistance to water and perspiration, in all conditions: ideal for a running session even under a light rain.

Sound quality and microphone


On the audio performance side, we appreciate the clear, crisp highs. The mids are, classically for headphones, quite within the norm. We are more divided on the bass Divacore has integrated a system called “Bass Cave” which reinforces the bass. The result is a very deep and clean bass, but it is also very tiring on a long listening, especially since it is not possible to disable this feature.

In addition to the sound system, Divacore includes a passive noise reduction feature (-42 dB) provided by cVc. It&#8217s a very light reduction but it allows to cover the residual background noises, thus compensating the lack of depth of these semi-intra-auditory.

The control pad contains a microphone to answer calls. Unfortunately, even if you isolate yourself in a room without any noise, the position of the microphone on the back of the neck doesn&#8217t necessarily seem very adapted. It was necessary to remove the right earpiece to position the microphone in front of the mouth so that the correspondents could hear correctly.

In summary, the audio quality is well and truly present and when you combine the 10 hours of autonomy (for only two hours of charge), the Divacore Blueskull proves to be a very good outsider on the small market of wireless headphones !

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