How to prepare your stay in the park

How to prepare your stay in the park ?

With summer coming, we all want to get out of our little habits and go on a trip
have fun more or less far away. While France is slowly but surely going downhill, a little
A village of Gallic diehards is already welcoming visitors to provide them with hours of entertainment
Fun and thrills. Discover how to best prepare your visit to the park
Asterix and make the most of it.

Prepare your stay at the Parc Asterix

Like any outing with family or friends, a trip to the Parc Asterix requires a bit of preparation
to prepare for a serene moment once we’re there. First of all, if you are preparing a
If you are looking for a real stay in the Gaulish world, don’t hesitate to have a look at the hotels in the destination.
A change of scenery guaranteed for a stay you won’t forget, here is a small overview of the attractions
hotel establishments of the tourist destination.

First of all, a brand new hotel has been added to the range of stays available at Parc Asterix:
the quays of Lutetia. A brand new establishment that takes you straight to antiquity in a
fortified space, reminiscent of the quays of the Seine of the ancient times authentic and full of life at night
The city’s oldest and most famous landmark is the “Fallen”, where people used to gather around a good beer to discuss and answer questions about the riverbank
to the other. This hotel offers 150 air-conditioned rooms, direct access to the park, a parking lot
You will receive a free ticket but also a themed restaurant and access to the park (and some attractions) before the end of your stay
general public.

You will also be able to discover the three owls hotel, a quiet and cocooning space ideal for
families with young children, since a huge garden and a playground are the highlights
of this establishment. Parking is also free and access to the park is possible a little earlier
You will be able to have a buffet breakfast and a meal in the evening
take a picture with Getafix and his friends in front of the-

Finally, you may stay at the La Cité Suspendue hotel in the heart of a forgotten village nestled in the heart of the park
a thousand-year-old forest. Immersed in nature, visitors are like in a bubble out of time
for the most relaxing stay. Rooms for the whole family and always an access in front-
first time in the Asterix park for a magical moment with friends and family.

Buy your tickets online

If you choose to stay in one of the hotels in Parc Asterix, your tickets for the park are available at the same price
are automatically integrated into the price of your overnight stay. Therefore, do not
need to purchase additional admission tickets.

Moreover, in the current health context, it is more than recommended to buy your tickets
online entrance ticket. Indeed, following the coronavirus pandemic, access to the park is only allowed with
a dated ticket. To be sure to enjoy your stay, it is therefore essential to
buy their tickets online. Please note that the earlier you make your reservation, the more
you will be a winner.

Thus, currently a promotion is online for young people between 15 and 25 years old who can
Take advantage of a dated ticket at the price of 30 euros during the week for a visit between June 15 and December 31
July 10, 2020. If you don’t fit the age group or if you want to go to the heart of the destination on a weekend, a smart ticket is available for 43 euros per adult and 40 euros per child
for a child. At this price, you will have to select the date of your visit at the time of purchase and
make your reservation more than 7 days before your visit.

If you want to offer an entrance ticket, book less than a week in advance or
if you are not quite sure when you are going to visit, the Gallic ticket offer is also
available at 51 euros per adult and 43 for a child.

Go for a day or a stay ?

The choice between a single day or a stay with hotel to go to the park Asterix is always quite
complicated to make. On the one hand, one day may be enough to do the attractions, but if you
If you want to enjoy the attractions, the shows and take some time to stroll around, it is
preferable to opt for a stay in a hotel.

The attractions of the Asterix park are quite numerous and the waiting time is quite long
to the most sensational attractions, so choosing a multi-day visit can be a great way to get to know the city
will be essential to make sure you don’t have any regrets.

Moreover, choosing a hotel in the Parc Asterix is to offer yourself a unique experience in a
Atypical and timeless establishment. An experience that allows you to live both
to rest and enjoy your time more.

How to get to the park ?

Parc Asterix is located only a few kilometers from Paris, about 40 minutes away
from the center of Paris and 30 minutes from the north gate. To get there by car, the access is direct
from the A1 freeway, just take the exit n°7 (nothing could be easier as the mountains
(the Russian mountains can be seen through the trees from the highway). Once on site, the parking lot of the park is at the
price of 15 euros per day.

To get there from Paris, shuttles are also available from
Paris Charles de Gaulle airport (which allows you to come by plane, TGV or RER B)
or the Louvre (metro Palais Royal). A way to get to your destination without headaches, to
in a direct and professional way for only a few euros.

Plan the attractions to do

There are many attractions at the Parc Asterix but some are much more popular than others
others. The Asterix park is a popular French amusement park and very appreciated by young people for
its thrilling attractions. So be sure to spot these emotional adventures, whether it’s a
either to make them absolutely or on the contrary to avoid them, do not hesitate to locate these
attractions reserved for the most adventurous like Oziris, Goudurix, or Thunder of

Other attractions are intended for a more family-oriented audience, such as Discobelix, the Oxygenarium or
Nationale 7. The little ones will also have a lot of fun in the playgrounds, Lavomatix
or Hydrolix.

Our additional advice

In order to make the most of your stay at the Parc Asterix, you should know that there is a Pass
Rapidus, which allows you to use a special entrance for the most popular attractions.
This will allow you to wait less time to do more attractions during the day or to take part in the day’s activities
It’s a good way to take advantage of it to make your favorite one again and again. This pass is also available online and costs 30 euros per person in addition to your entrance ticket. A purchase to budget
but that could be really useful on a busy day.

In addition, for the current period, don’t forget to take one or more masks with you to the park
carry in a confined space or the meter of social distancing may not be
respected. Plan a maximum budget for the day, given the current period, payments by credit card, especially without contact are simplified but also less easy to quantify.

Finally, if you go to the Parc Asterix in the middle of summer, don’t hesitate to arm yourself with protective gear
to support the day and not to put you in danger.