Playground in Paris The best playgrounds in Paris

Playground in Paris: The best playgrounds in Paris

In Paris, the number of children and young teenagers left to their own devices is increasing exponentially. This unfortunately causes a significant increase in the crime rate in the city. Playgrounds are one of the best ways to keep kids busy and limit the risk of juvenile delinquency. They allow them to have fun and make friends with whom they share a healthy passion for different sports.

We suggest you read on to learn a little more about the playgrounds in Paris.

Qu’what is a playground ?

A playground is, as its name suggests, a play area with equipment, set up outdoors or indoors. The playground can refer to a soccer field, basketball or handball, equipped for adults. It can also contain slides, swings, and other infrastructure for the youngest.

Thus, thanks to the many playgrounds in Paris, the city’s youth can have fun and avoid falling into the vices of idleness.

The best playgrounds in Paris

It is important to know that in terms of playground infrastructure, New York City is very advanced. Indeed, even if the municipal authorities of Paris make great efforts in this direction, we must admit that it is not always enough. This explains the dilapidated state of some of these playgrounds dedicated to young people.

Fortunately, in some areas of the capital, it is possible to find perfectly equipped and well maintained playgrounds.

Playground Duperré

Located between two buildings in the Pigalle district, the Playground Duperré has been completely renovated and redesigned as a work of art, by the fashion designer Stéphane Ashpool and the Parisian studio Ill-Studio, with the participation of Nike. Today it represents a mixture of exceptional colors inspired by the works of the Russian painter Kasimir Malevich.

The Duperré playground is considered the most beautiful and popular in the world Playground in Paris. New equipment such as new and approved baskets have been installed. The ground has been completely covered with a recycled rubber, which prevents the sound of the ball bouncing.

Also, many people come to discover it, just to admire or photograph the beauty of the place, or to attend the training sessions of the players.

Playground Glacière

This playground is somewhat unknown, because of its geographical location. However, with its look and architecture, it is very similar to New York playgrounds. The Playground Glacière is located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, under the line 6 of the subway.

This field benefits from natural lighting, good asphalt and its location protects it even when it rains.

So despite its small size, the Glacière playground remains one of the best playgrounds in Paris. It welcomes many very talented players who come to live their love for sports together.

Bir-Hakeim playground

Considered as one of the most beautiful in Paris, the Bir-Hakeim playground is located at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. It represents an exceptional setting with a high level of play, which makes it a reference in terms of playground. It’s also the home of sports lovers, especially those who can’t afford to go to paying venues.

This field, where two sports coexist (soccer and basketball), is a place visited by many players and other people who come as simple fans, to watch and learn.

In addition to its exceptional geographical location, this playground has trained stars such as Richard Dacoury and Wilt Chamberlain, who used to go there to do their shooting sessions. This particularity has made Bir-Hakeim legendary compared to other Playground in Paris.

Playground of the Jardin du Luxembourg

Located in the heart of the Luxembourg garden, the playground of the same name, houses several types of sports for adults. Tennis, bowling and chess are regularly played in these parks. It is necessary to know that the Playground of the Luxembourg Garden has a shelter which protects you from bad weather.

You will also find a beautiful garden laid out in the French style for the practice of several sports. In addition, the youngest now have access to a playground completely renovated for their greatest pleasure.

Playground Porte de Vanves

Considered one of the newest playgrounds in Paris, the Porte de Vanves Playground is entirely dedicated to basketball. This playground has been totally renovated in blue chrome duo by the Local Club of Basket Paris 14. With new equipments for the good pleasure of the players, it is opened 7 days a week and 24 hours a day and is illuminated thanks to the public electric installations. The field is covered with rubber, which reduces the noise caused by the ball during training sessions.

The players will even benefit from the installation of plexiglass boards.


Now you know enough about where you can go in the capital to play or practice any sport. These playground in Paris will indeed serve to brighten up your vacations or your weekends.