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How to go on an organized trip ?

Until a few years ago, booking a trip was quite tedious. It required making phone calls or going to a physical location. With the emergence of online travel agencies, the task has become easier. These agencies are now part of the daily life of travelers and have become part of their routine.

But because of their diversity, it is not easy to know which one to turn to. To help you, know that Salaün Holidays is one of the best.

What are the options offered by travel agencies ?

For some people, the organized trips rhyme with guides not always sympathetic, meals on tables of noisy individuals, crowded vehicles, infernal rhythms;

If you do not have enough money and use a tour operator offering very low prices, the size of the group will be important and the quality of your stay will be impacted. But depending on your temperament and your mood, you could find your account.

You attach great importance to immersion in a new culture and flexibility of travel ? You are “allergic” to groups ? In this case, it is preferable to choose an online travel agency. Such an agency offers something for every budget, theme and taste. Thanks to her, you will realize the tour that suits you best.

Salaün Holidays, a 100% French travel agency, has an international reputation. It has 90 years of knowledge and expertise in travel design and distribution. It provides a local service and is present throughout the country. Whether you are looking for a free tour, a tailor-made trip, a cruise, a flight + hotel stay, a themed tour, a camping trip, a group trip … it will be able to meet your expectations.

Whatever you choose, you’ll have an enjoyable and authentic experience.

Some questions to ask yourself before booking with a travel agency

– How many people are in the group during the excursions and visits ?

– Is health and repatriation insurance included in the price? ?

– Which services are at your expense ?

– Are there any cancellation conditions in case of last minute unavailability ?

Salaün Holidays has 162 agencies, including 150 in France and 12 in Belgium. If you have any concerns at all, the best thing to do would be to visit one of them or contact the staff (by phone or email).

Undeniable advantages for travelers

For an organized trip

– You’ll enjoy attractive rates on flights and hotels.

– You will benefit from diversified formulas.

– You won’t have to worry about transportation (you’ll have a vehicle at your disposal).

– You will not have to endure long queues in certain places (indeed, everything is reserved in advance).

– In case of health problems or lost luggage, the agency will assist you.

– The agency has a good knowledge of the destination country. So you won’t have to study this one.

– The agency regularly offers special deals.

For a group trip

– You will meet people who speak your language.

– At the end of the trip, you can continue to exchange with them. And why don’t you plan a next trip together ?

– If you are traveling with your children and there are others in the group, it will allow them to have more fun.

For a tour with a guide (in group or alone)

– The guide speaks in the languages of the travelers.

– He provides them with all the essential information on the places visited.

– Being a professional in the field, he sometimes has a privileged access to certain places.