Air New Zealand’s Round the World ticket revisited!

The Round the World ticket revisited by Air New Zealand !

Many travelers have dreamed about it for years, Air New Zealand has done it ! It is now possible to discover the world from 1400€ thanks to a new formula of the airline company. Round the world tickets already existed, but their price was skyrocketing if you added Oceania to the program and the constraints were quite important.

Air New Zealand’s offer is sure to make a lasting impression, with this unique ticket offering travel lovers the chance to discover the continents thanks to stopovers all over the world.

Plane for a world tour

The world tour of your choice with Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand offers this Round the World flight ticket to all travelers wishing to fly to Australia, New Zealand or New Caledonia while making stops in Asian or American cities or in the famous Pacific Islands. The company proposes to make stopovers of a few days or long duration in most regions of the world. What to take the time to appreciate the variety of landscapes, but also to rub shoulders with cultures very different from each other or to discover some monuments and tourist sites recognized worldwide as all the sites listed in the UNESCO heritage. With a round the world ticket, travelers can take their time and discover the splendors of the world without rushing !


Stopovers in the four corners of the globe

Traveling the world is the dream of all travelers, and thanks to this offer, all the conditions are met to start preparing a great trip ! Even a great traveler will not manage in one lifetime to see all the wonders, whether they are natural or man-made, but a world tour is still a good way to discover a lot of incredible things and learn a lot, about the world, about others and especially about yourself.
Travelers can choose up to 10 destinations. Here are the possible stopovers (in addition to New Zealand of course):

  • 4 stopovers in Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai or Tokyo),
  • 4 stopovers in the United States (Los Angeles, Houston, San Francisco or Honolulu)
  • 1 stopover in Canada (Vancouver),
  • 1 stopover in South America (Buenos Aires)
  • 5 stops in the Pacific Islands (Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji or Tahiti).

The stopovers are up to the traveler’s choice, as are the dates of the flight reservations. This ticket also allows you to land in one city and take off from another. For example, if the ticket indicates a stopover in San Francisco and travelers wish to discover the wonders of the American continent, they can cross the land and continue their trip to New Zealand by taking off from Buenos Aires.

A personalized plane ticket from 1400€

One could think that this trip around the world is expensive, nevertheless this ticket is sold from 1402€. Obviously, these prices can increase depending on the chosen stopovers, the point of departure as well as the taxes of the countries.

This customizable air ticket is perfect for people who enjoy discovery, novelty and the desire to go on an adventure in far away and exotic places. Valid for one year, the ticket can also be modified during the trip without additional costs. Something to start, finally, to the adventure ?