Gourmet activities to do in Paris on weekends or holidays

All the activities for gourmets in Paris

You will soon go to Paris ? You like good food and sweets ? You will discover in this article a lot of activities to do during a visit in Paris. Paris is the city of lovers but it is also the world capital of gastronomy with countless restaurants and brasseries.

Have a tea time

Tea time, it’s a very English tradition. But it gradually settled in the capital of France. For a few years now, many luxury hotels and tea rooms have been offering high-end tea times with hot drinks and pastries. Some even offered a glass of champagne.

You will find the complete list of the tea time not to be missed here : http://www.olielo.com/en/best-tea-time-a-paris/.

Eat a Berthillon ice cream

You have surely heard of Berthillon ice cream, it is the best in Paris. Many stores allow to taste these ice creams in Paris. The historical boutique of the ice cream maker is located on the Ile Saint Louis, a stone’s throw from Notre Dame de Paris.

Taste a Ladurée macaroon

The Ladurée macaroon is an emblematic product. This little cake comes in many flavors. Tourists rush to taste them.

It is not uncommon to queue up for one or two hours at the Champs Elysées to finally buy a small box of Ladurée macaroons. It is a must when visiting Paris.

Taste the chocolates of the Maison du Chocolat

The House of Chocolate is, as its name suggests, a boutique where you can buy boxes of chocolates. These chocolates are particularly appreciated by cocoa lovers. Indeed, they are very refined and will delight all those who have the opportunity to taste them.

Take a pastry class

Many establishments offer pastry classes to learn or improve this very French art. These courses are open to beginners as well as to experienced pastry chefs. L’atelier des Chefs or the famous Ferrandi Paris school (https://www.ferrandi-paris.en/) are two places particularly known for the quality of their courses.

Dinner on the Seine

You love the culture and gastronomy but you don’t feel like walking for hours in the streets of Paris ? Good news, thanks to the fly boats, you will be able to discover the charms of Paris while eating good food. You will see all the main monuments of the city: the Eiffel Tower, the Opera House, the Opera House and the Museum Musée d’Orsay, the Grand Palais, the Louvre, Notre Dame, etc… In the evening, it’s a magical show that awaits you.