XTRAILDAY A fun family adventure

XTRAILDAY: A particularly fun, family-friendly adventure

On Sunday, May 22, 2016 was held the Nissan X-Trail Day at the City of Cinema, where we went to test the latest from the European leader in the crossover sector: the X-Trail. On the program, buffets, photo sessions with cosplayers and activities organized around the last movie of the X-Men trilogy: X-men Apocalypse.

As soon as we arrived, we enjoyed a tour of the iconic location created at the initiative of Luc Besson. So, we took note of the different schools, filming locations, offices and production companies that are articulated around the gigantic hall (imposing remains of the EDF power plant on which the city was built) where we found various vehicles that served as sets for films such as The 5th Element, Jurassic Park, or The Beetle in Monte Carlo.


Afterwards, we experienced the comfort of the new Nissan X trail vehicle through an obstacle course and maneuvers with camera assistance. The vehicle is pleasant and spacious (capacity of 7 people, but the ideal is not to exceed 5 because the seats in the trunk are primarily there to help). Shocks are well absorbed. The camera assistance proves to be bluffing: the test is carried out in a car with black tinted windows preventing us from seeing the outside.

We are therefore able to navigate exclusively thanks to the cameras, and this with a disconcerting ease.

The Xtrail versus Apocalypse animation was really impressive: the spectator is immersed in a 180 degree set made of three screens and enhanced by numerous light effects, reinforced by the presence of smoke. The atmosphere created is rather spectacular and the design of the car is well highlighted.

The presence of photo sharing/selfies animations was very funny. We could take advantage of the presence of cosplayers specially dressed as X-men for the occasion to welcome us and take pictures of the privileged visitors. The X-men Apocalypse movie ended this pleasant day.

A contest/selfie on social networks was even organized to win a collector’s item: Magneto’s helmet.

On the whole, it was a very successful event. The welcome was very warm, the visitors could enjoy the good mood of the organizers, as well as a permanent buffet which was not to our displeasure ! Nissan was able to effectively present its product in the colors of the latest X-men movie.