How to get to Harry Potter Studios from London

How to get to Harry Potter Studios from London ?

A must-see for Harry Potter fans, the studios located near London are a real success. Dive into the heart of this incomparable universe, put on your wizard’s costume and get ready to live an extraordinary experience. You will find your child’s soul during a visit ! Thanks to our article, you will know how to get to the Harry Potter studios from London.

How to get to Harry Potter Studios from London ?

After the novels and the movies, it is the turn of the studios to know the glory. The universe has been created according to the settings of the feature films. You will feel like Harry Potter during a visit with your friends and family.

In the northern suburbs of London, the scenery changes radically since you can’t miss the studios of the famous wizard of Hogwarts. You will be 25 kilometers from the capital, in a region called Leavesden.

By bus

Some people tend to think that the studios are in London, but they are quickly disappointed when they realize that transportation is a must. Don’t hesitate to inquire about the most interesting method before leaving for England, it avoids bad surprises. To reach the 9 3/4 platform, the bus is one of the best solutions.

  • The bus will take you from London to Leavesden.
  • However, the tickets are to be bought on the Internet, you will not be able to get them in the studios or at the bus station.
  • The ticket includes the entrance as well as the bus transportation.

To visit the Harry Potter studios, you can take the bus at Victoria station, King’s Cross/St Pancras or Baker Street and even at Paddington. Be careful, there are more or less numerous departures depending on the station. The most interesting one is Baker Street, because several buses are scheduled every day.

For Paddington and King’s Cross, plan on Saturdays, Thursdays and Tuesdays only.

By Train

You don’t have your own car, you don’t want to rent a sedan and you don’t want to take the bus exclusively. There is still the train which accompanies you for about twenty euros to the studios.

  • Take a train (National Rail or London Overground) from Euston to Watford Junction.
  • The round trip ticket costs 14 euros for 5/15 year olds and 26 euros for adults.

When you arrive at Watford Junction, you have to climb on a bus to get to the studios. It is in front of the station, you will not be able to miss it, you will recognize the picture of Hogwarts !