Rent a bike for a sporty vacation!

Rent a bike for a sporty vacation !

It is always unpleasant to take the car during the vacations when the price of fuel is constantly increasing. In addition, you do not take the time to contemplate the landscape and enjoy this destination. We advise you to rent a bike at Domino Saint-Georges d’Oléron, it will be the occasion to ride with your family.

A very appreciable rental service

The vacations are ideal to rest, take care of your body and enjoy a very nice environment. The car can then be put aside in favor of other means of transportation. Renting a bike at Domino Saint-Georges d’Oléron can be very efficient.

This service will allow you to ride with adults and children. Moreover, some accessories like helmets and baskets are proposed as well as trailers.

Leave your car behind and prefer a two-wheeler, you will save on fuel and maintenance, it will also be perfect to keep in shape. You can go wherever you want with the bike which is much more practical than the car. The latter requires parking, often at a cost, and you find yourself in traffic, which can affect your morale and your day.

What price for such a rental ?

If you are convinced by this leisure activity, don’t hesitate to take advantage of this rental as it is very interesting. It is necessary to count from 10 euros for a two-wheeler dedicated to a child of 3/5 years. For adults, the price goes up to 18 hours if you opt for a mountain bike against 15 euros for a mixed bike with six speeds or 29 euros for a tandem with 21 speeds.

To transport children, there is even a second bike that you can attach behind yours, the price is 12 euros.