What to do in Paris in November

What to do in Paris in November ?

The arrival of the month of November already sounds the approach of the holidays (Christmas and New Year’s Eve). In Paris, the desire to party is already strolling through the streets and through the various festivities organized at this time of year. Between the desire to be entertained and to be cultivated, the good plans are numerous during November in Paris.

Activities to do in Paris in November

After the return to school and the return to work, the program is well filled. A break in November to welcome the winter with joy and cheerfulness. Here are some ideas of what can be done to do in Paris in November.

Salivate at the Salon du Chocolat

The Salon du Chocolat is an event that has been echoing for a quarter of a century. Indeed, it celebrates its 25 years this year. To mark the occasion, the visitors had the right to creations more than original.

Some bakers have moved mountains to impress the public and attract more customers than others.

In addition to the taste and the unique flavor proposed by each chocolate maker, the design and the presentation are there. If you are visiting Paris for the first time in November, this is an appointment not to be missed. Between free tastings and skill demonstrations, the public will be amazed.

This year, some works stood out more than others. This is the case of the polar bear rhinoceros which is entirely made of chocolate. There are also the chocolate dresses that have captivated chocolate lovers, some of whom have traveled far to see the event.

One of the things that the French like most during this exhibition is the free tasting. In one day, more than a kilo of chocolate melts in the mouth of each visitor. For this purpose, the organizers have even dedicated a relaxation area where guests can quietly enjoy their favorite chocolates.

To go to the Salon de la Photo

In November, photography is in the spotlight in the city of Paris. It is projected onto the stage through various events. For that, there are fairs, exhibitions, shows..

Among the exhibitions that marked this event, there is the Salon de la Photo at the Grand Palais in Paris. In all, you have 4 days that are entirely dedicated to photography. It is the crossroads where photography professionals meet the general public who are passionate about photography.

You have 31 countries with nearly 213 exhibitors. They are gathered according to their sectors. Some specialize in culinary photography, others excel in nude or science photography.

New photographers make a name for themselves by presenting their work and methods. The old-timers in the business are easily recognizable through their personal signatures.

Discover Rungis Market at the Grand Palais in Paris

Gourmets and gourmets meet in November at the Grand Palais in Paris. The mythical and popular Rungis market invests the hall of the Grand Palais during 3 days. On the menu, professionals advocate the choice of a healthy and good quality food.

This excludes the use of any chemical product from the planting to the picking.

This market, which has been popular for half a century, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year with the Festival du Bien Eat. A program full of flavor, greed and a variety of recipes. For this occasion, the public is introduced to the politics of eating well.

The organizers are offering a unique encounter between visitors and a hundred or so exhibitors and chefs.

To seduce the millions of people who came for the occasion, the members of the Rungis market have thought of everything. There are culinary demonstrations, discovery workshops and of course the sale of more than 300 fresh products directly from the Rungis market.

In order to satisfy all desires, 5 sectors are represented during these 3 days. There are meat products like charcuterie. Then there are the fruits and vegetables.

Then, everything related to dairy. There are also seafood products such as fish. Finally there is the decoration and horticulture sector.

Paris - Tourist attraction

Contemplating the Christmas windows

Every year towards the end of November, the store windows are decorated with their most beautiful Christmas decorations. Strolling in front of the department stores is a pleasure at this time of the year. Go to the Bon Marché Rive gauche, at the Galeries Lafayette or to the BHV Marais.

However, other stores also bring their share of dreams through the streets of Paris.

Fairy animations and famous cartoon characters are in the spotlight around mid-November in some stores. This is followed by festive animations and Christmas tales.

Paris - Christmas Lights

On the Haussman Spring side, the holidays are welcomed with a bang with over 185 Christmas trees. You have 11 paintings with a fairy-like appearance with animated decorations. These 11 windows play the role of a theater stage during all the holidays of December.

Everywhere in Paris, it is already Christmas in advance. Young and old alike will be able to blend into the decor orchestrated by their favorite stores. But the magic is shared at the level of the big stores of the city.

Spend an evening at the Lido

An evening at the Lido cabaret allows you to immerse yourself in the Parisian party atmosphere. In addition to giving pleasure to your eyes, the owners of the place are limited to offering wonders in terms of gastronomy. The French culinary journey is also seen in your dishes.

It is one of the addresses not to be missed in Paris to spend a lively evening in all peace. The dazzling lights transport the spectators into a world of their own, conducive to entertainment and relaxation through the bewitching notes of music.

Those who want more privacy during the shows can opt for a VIP box. They are therefore the only ones who can occupy it during the whole show. With this option, the house offers champagne with dinner.