Dépendances, at the Studio Hebertot

Dependencies, at the Studio Hébertot

Dependencies, a piece written and directed by Charif Ghattas, is currently on the bill for Studio Hébertot. It is a story full of resentment and pain, with two great actors on stage Francis Lombrail and Thibault de Montalembert. A formidable duo to interpret this family huis-clos, which imperceptibly leads the spectator on the steps of the unsaid.

In order to settle an inheritance, Henri and Tobias have a meeting in the family apartment. Almost two years without having seen each other – we quickly understand why – so much the two brothers seem like opposite poles. Modest, seemingly free of the family structure, Henri goes backwards, while Tobias, a raw animal stuck in childhood, struggles to contain his inner storm. He pests, rants and rages against Carl, the third brother they are waiting for and who is late.

This insignificant delay increases the tension. Unless Carl himself is the real problem.

Dependencies is in the plural. Because there are as many relationships between characters in this story as there are characters on and off the stage. And then there is the succession. This initial argument, which with great resentment and hidden feelings, presents the two brothers with the brutal addition of their dependencies.

This gives Francis Lombrail and Thibault de Montalembert a wonderful opportunity to confront on the stage of the Studio Hébertot. From the very first second, these two actors admirably interpret the tormented characters in this true drama. Fault against fault, they also confront Carl, this third brother so absent, so present.

Dependencies, it&#8217s the story ofa love triangle, of a painful secret that for the audience will turn out to be a wound still open and that will be the cause of the death of a child immensely lively.

On the set, a table and two chairs are placed on the stage. A studied simplicity, since it also reflects this impression of lack and absence. The staging is also sober, without artifice, but as the story unfolds the playing space invades more the place using the staircase, the floor but also the wall…

Between unspoken words and pretense

Then, the revelation. She arrives at the end of the play and likes herself the turn of a line. It&#8217s an almost obvious confession for the brothers, while it&#8217s particularly surprising for the audience.

One would almost like this denouement to be a rebound, in order to prolong the story in another way, afterwards.

Dependencies is programmed at the Studio Hébertot for ten exceptional performances. It&#8217s an atypical room that you first see in the distance, as if you were in the middle of the night a rather discreet addiction at the back of the theater of the same name. Close to the stage, the spectators are also close to the actors, and the emotion is thus direct, without intermediary.

The dramatic tension is then perfectly visible, audible, and the use of the space, of the whole space, is astute.

The audience follows with great attention the drama that unfolds, and unravels in front of it. And such an immersion for more than an hour, the public dives with confidence into the clear water, at least in appearance;

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