How to have your dream vacation without paying too much

How to organize an economical dream vacation ?

Traveling and discovering the world is a dream that you have long held. Unfortunately, you don’t like the idea of having to organize everything yourself and you always put off the project until the end of the year. Well, you will discover in this article an innovative way to organize yourself for trips rich in emotions.

choose your destination for the vacations well

All of us have a more or less precise idea of where we want to spend our vacations. If you are not “Mr. Everyman”, there is no need to worry, you can start by choosing a continent. Use the Internet to see what tourist sites and other tourist properties might interest you. At this stage, do not limit your choices.

Instead, make a list and put it aside.

Once the first selection is made, try to cross-reference the destination with the current events. In reality, for reasons related to elections, political unrest and other social or political realities specific to the destination, some destinations may be less welcoming at the time of travel. Take a look at the Quai d’Orsay web portal to see the forbidden destinations.

Finally, choose your destination and remember to collect all the useful information. This will be very useful for the rest of your organization. Don’t forget to write down some links and small discoveries in a small notebook.

Check off the criteria related to budget, desires and destinations

Money is the key. Yes, this is still valid when organizing a trip. If you have an unlimited bank account, focus on the desire and destination part.

On the other hand, if you have a limited budget, you must match these three criteria. This requires answering simple questions such as what will be the objective of my trip ? The answer to this question will determine whether the trip will be a trip to rest or a trip of discovery. Would I like a rustic or comfortable vacation ? What are the activities you would like to participate in or the adventures you would like to have?.

How long will my trip last ? It should be noted that a trip that lasts longer is more expensive than a short and better organized trip. What are the regions I want to visit ? How much does a round-trip air ticket cost? ?

It should be noted here that the answer to the questions must allow the criteria of budget, desires and destination to coincide.

Choosing your hotel, or alternative solutions

Once you’ve decided on everything, it’s important to look at the accommodation component. Having traveled for a long time, I can advise you to check on your Airbnb account, if there are not alternative solutions to traditional hotels. Indeed, by dint of frequenting hotels, we sometimes end up getting bored.

Alternative solutions such as guest houses, rented houses can allow you not only to save money, but also to enjoy your travels in a different way.

In short, traveling should not be a problem if you manage to make your budget and your desires converge. The last piece of advice I will give you is to always have some money for the unexpected. So revise slightly downwards your forecasts.