The most beautiful canyons to do in the Gorges du Tarn

The most beautiful canyons to do in the Gorges du Tarn

During the vacations, you are probably looking for ideas of activities to spend with your family. If you like thrills, you can choose canyoning for example. It consists in descending the white water of rock faces while enjoying the landscape.

What are the good places to practice this activity in the gorges of the Tarn ? We present them to you here.

The sources of the Tarn

This magnificent natural site is located in France at Pont-de-Montvert, a village in Lozère. You have to walk a few meters through the forest. Filled with beautiful spots, this place is a corner of paradise. The landscape is so pleasant that you will not have time to get bored. You will discover several activities along your course such as: the slide, the swim, the slide, etc.

It is the ideal place for family outings.

Equipped with your wetsuits, you will walk along the paths to explore points, some more beautiful than others. The proposed exercises are easy and suitable for the youngest. For the lovers of waterfalls, passages with jumps of several meters will please you.

Swimming in the white water, you will have fun for sure. What are you waiting for to try canyoning in the Tarn gorges in summer for example ?

The gorges of Tapoul

Composed of beautiful boulders, the scenery proposed by this gorge is simply extraordinary. High granite walls are waiting for you. This course is a bit sporty and for more fun, you will have to learn the jumping techniques.

You will progressively go down the rocks and then, many obstacles will be to cross. For this purpose, ropes are provided to allow you to go down quietly.

After having faced all the obstacles, the most interesting part will consist in going back up in a zip line in order to land in the water. Finally, fun activities such as natural tobogganing, swimming are to be done. On your final path, it will take you about ten minutes of walking.

It will allow you to recover from your emotions and reach your starting point.

canyon Gorges du Tarn

Other places to visit

There are a lot of exceptional places to do canyoning Gorges du Tarn. Don’t hesitate to consult a guide to discover the most interesting destinations.

The canyon of Rieutord

Located in Vialas, it is also a pleasant site to have fun with your family. With activities of low difficulty, you will please the children. Tobogganing, swimming and walking will be on the agenda.

Between wild flora and mountains, you will enjoy a beautiful view. It is undoubtedly a magical place to explore.

The gorges of Chassezac

For those who love thrills, sports activities and utopian landscapes, the canyon is the place to be. The obstacles are continuous and you will have something to occupy you. To climb the vertical walls, use a rope or simply use your hands. You will enjoy high jumps and slides on the passages of your site.

This place for canyoning is the adequate ground for the explorers. Keep in mind that, the Tarn gorges are places where you will have a lot of fun. What are you waiting for to visit this heavenly place ?