Spend Christmas in the sun here is where you can go!

Spending Christmas in the sun: where to travel in December ?

Even before the arrival of winter, many of us are already thinking about the Christmas and New Year vacations. Many people like the traditional family Christmas parties, but there are also those who want to spend Christmas differently. For the latter, it is important to spend Christmas in the sun, far from the winter blues.

Christmas in the sun: how to choose the right destination ?

All vacations are often prepared well in advance, and Christmas vacations are no exception. If you know or already have the budget for your Christmas vacations in the sun, it will be much easier to find the right destination. First of all, it is possible to choose a sunny destination which is not far away and which naturally costs less.

In this case, Portugal and Spain are the best destinations to spend Christmas in the sun.

But you can also leave not too far from Europe by choosing, for example, one of the Maghreb countries. Generally, for a plane ticket under 100 € per person, you can spend Christmas in the Canaries, Ibiza, Djerba or Agadir. Of course, you won’t have the heat wave, but the sunshine is longer, with the added bonus of about twenty degrees.

This is of course different from the winter season in France.

For those who can afford to go further away, it will obviously cost a little more, but it is the ideal way to spend Christmas in the sun. At this time, the southern hemisphere is in the middle of summer and has thousands of heavenly destinations. If you like islands, for example, you can choose, in the Caribbean Sea, Martinique or Guadeloupe or why not in the Indian Ocean: Reunion Island, Mauritius or the Seychelles. Asia, America, Africa and Oceania also offer you perfect destinations to spend Christmas in a different way.

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Whatever your destination, think first of your health

Indeed, before considering to go somewhere else to spend Christmas, it is clear that you must first and at all costs get information on the desired destination. Especially in the tourism sector, the health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has changed the situation all over the world. Of course, this will take us away from all the good habits we had, such as going on vacations.

Of course, the reopening of the borders and the lifting of the confinement give us hope, but it is advisable to be well informed about the latest information on Covid-19, because each country has its own “state of health” regarding this disease. To enjoy Christmas vacations in the sun with peace of mind, you must start by thinking about minimizing the risks of illness.

Why choose to spend Christmas in the sun ?

The first reason is certainly to escape the grey, the cold and the depression of winter. The benefits of the sun are not to be missed either. But spending Christmas in the sun is also the great discovery of other Christmas traditions. Although Christmas is celebrated on the same date and Santa Claus is never far away, each country has its own way of celebrating Christmas.

In any case, no matter which Christmas destination you choose, you can be sure that the magic of Christmas will always be there.