How to choose the right vacation rental

How to choose the right vacation rental

Finding the ideal vacation rental can be time consuming. You can get lost in the many, many options that are available’The following information is offered to you. There are hundreds (if not thousands)’stories’horror of travelers telling how their vacation was ruined by a bad rental.

If you do your research and protect yourself, you should be fine.

Where to look for a rental ?

Vacation Rentals by Owner, Airbnb and Tripadvisor account for about 70% of total vacation rental traffic. But there are also Homesuite (for long term stays), Roomorama, Wimdu (especially for the’Europe).

Use the filters to refine your search. You want a swimming pool ? How many rooms ? Wifi ? Are pets allowed? ? Access to the beach ? View on the’ocean ? And definitely use the date range you want, even if that n’is that’an estimate. It doesn’t’There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect rental, only to discover that it’s not there’It does not’is not available on the dates you want.

Do a little research on the area where you want to stay if you don’t have a place to stay’You are not familiar with the city. I find the Tripadvisor forums very useful in this regard. Use the’aspect of the map available in most rental sites to see exactly where it is.

Check reviews

Reviews of each rental are essential. J’I will take out some of the best and worst reviews and focus on the rest; this will give you a good overview of the event’set. Someone’One will always hate a rental for some minor reason and someone will always want to know about it’One of them’The other one will give unjustified rave reviews.

I am wary of’you are not’there is no’review of all and j’I tend to avoid these lists.

When you have chosen the’perfect place, get a contract that explains everything and review it before spending your hard earned money. Use a credit card if you can, they offer the best protection against fraud and liability; Paypal is good too, but research the fees you may incur. Avoid paying for a rental with money’You can pay by cash or money order, because it’s a lot of work’is the easiest way to get ripped off. If you must use this method, get a receipt.

Many sites have a secure payment system that protects your payments.

Always ask for a full quote including taxes, booking fees, cleaning fees and refundable deposits.

Pro Tip

If your trip takes you to the’abroad, purchase travel medical insurance; it is inexpensive and easy to obtain. Nothing will ruin a vacation faster than a pandemic’a trip to the’hospital.