What to do in Paris in February

What to do in Paris in February ?

Paris is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. A well-deserved fame, because it has places, monuments and establishments that are really worth a visit. Even if the temperature is still quite low in February, this does not prevent anyone from enjoying the dynamism of the capital.

Here are some good plans to discover.

Things to do in Paris in February

You have some ideas to enjoy your stay and know what to do to make in Paris in February. Here are a few that can be added to your list.

Celebrate love on February 14th

Visiting Paris for the first time requires a minimum of organization in order to enjoy the city’s mythical places and events. Paris is known as the city of lovers. During Valentine’s Day, this impression is further reinforced by the various events organized on both sides of the city. There is plenty to do in Paris in February !

Among the most romantic, there is the dinner cruise on the Seine. In addition to being romantic, it is a program that is accessible to all budgets. You are free to personalize your cruise according to your choice and your means.

For example, you can indicate the place where you want to embark, the atmosphere to put, the menu and even the schedule. The legend says that when passing under the Marie bridge, you have to make a wish. The owner of the latter will see it fulfilled if he recites it while kissing his other half.

Otherwise, you can also spend an unforgettable evening in a romantic hotel in Paris. There are more than a dozen that can be the host of your romance. Here again, you have a wide choice as to the style and atmosphere you are looking for to make your dinner a success as a couple.

Just remember to make a reservation in case the tables get crowded.

Participate in the world of tattooing

Another activity to to do in Paris in February, c’The best thing to do in Paris is to participate in the world tattoo festival. It is a large-scale event that takes place every year in the Halle de La Villette. It is the crossroads where all the tattoo lovers meet.

If you’re not really into inks, you can still stop by. It will be the occasion to admire the creation and the techniques used by the professionals in tattooing.

On the program, you have the opportunity to attend parades of tattooed people. There are also stands where tattoo artists are at work to show their talents and know-how. All tattoo lovers can get one from the professional of their choice.

Apart from all this, there are also various competitions that allow to proclaim several winners according to their categories. Some stand out in the category of small black and white tattoos. Others assert themselves on the level of the tattoos in broad color..

Otherwise, heavy rock and metal concerts punctuate the event. This year, the group Lucifer and Ultravomit shared the stage of the Great Hall.

Go to the Paris Opera

The Paris Opera House has witnessed a great artistic epic, especially in the field of opera. It has welcomed famous and talented artists such as Philippe Taglioni and Gioacchino Rossini.

More than a decade later, its walls are still standing. It is the ideal place to attend ballets of all kinds. There is the one of Raymonda which stages the romance between the young Raymonda and the knight Jean de Brienne.

There is also the one of Crystal Pite who is a choreographer known for her communicative and emotional choreographies.

Young and old audiences have their own dedicated entertainment sequence. If you are a fan of recitals, ballets and concerts typical of an opera, this is a good plan for you. If you have never been to the Opera, your visit to Paris can be an opportunity to attend this timeless show that is the opera.

Take a tour of the Paris Agricultural Fair

Finally, a last activity at to do in Paris in February, c’is the agricultural fair. The agricultural sector is honored at the Parc des Expositions Porte de Versailles in Paris. Farmers share their passions.

On the visitors’ side, there are hours of discoveries and tasting.

Four distinct universes are exposed there. You have a part which is dedicated to the vegetable sector (vegetable garden, culture and gardening). Then there is the field of trades and services that are turned to agriculture.

Then, there is everything related to breeding. Finally, you have the products of the soil and the regions of France.

It’s a meeting place where the eyes and the stomach are both satisfied. It is a good plan to discover the different facets that make the identity of the four corners of France. Whether you come with children or not, the educational farm awaits you.

After all, it’s never too late to learn new things.

Currently, we hear a lot about the organic. The “Paris agricultural fair” dedicates a whole space to bio-resourceful products. Since its creation, it has generated nearly 23,000 jobs throughout France.