3 tips on renting a scooter or motorcycle in the Philippines

3 tips on renting a scooter or motorcycle in the Philippines

The rental of scooters in the Philippines’a trip to the Philippines is a very common practice. Indeed, to move freely in the Philippines and to go through the beautiful landscapes of this country, it is necessary to have a kitchen’South East Asia, this solution is perfect. During my trip to the Philippines in 2018, I went to the’I rented a scooter for a day to visit the Philippines’mystical island of Siquijor. The renting of a house’is made directly with the owner’The host and all the services’is very well passed.

I give you in this article some tips to organize the rental of’a scooter or a car’a motorcycle in the Philippines.

A road in the center of Siquijor taken by scooter

Having an international driver’s license

D’In general, scooter rental is a very good option’a two-wheeler in the Philippines is very easy and quick to do. In general, the rental company, especially if you have a driver’ license, will not charge you for the rental’it s’act in a general way’a small structure, requires no paperwork. The “classic” driving license may also be sufficient during the first 90 days after the’entry to the area.

But since the international driver’s license may be required by the rental company, it is in this case imperative to rent a car’Make a request before your trip. Specifically, if the national driver’s license does not’is not printed in English and Filipino, an international driver’s license or an official English translation is important to drive the rented scooter or motorcycle in the Philippines.

So, even if the rental company does not check the international driver’s license, this document is important because it may be requested by the police when you are driving’a control. Also, in case of’If you have an accident, a tourist is often considered to be at fault. It is therefore important to’have valid and easily translatable papers.

And that the motorcycle license corresponds to the rented cylinder for this specific case.

Also note that’an International Driving Permit does not completely replace a regular driver’s license. Indeed, the current driver’s license, may also be required, in certain circumstances.

It is important to apply for an international driving license at the’advance. Because the delay of’The time required to obtain a scooter varies from 15 days to several months;

alt=”International driving license” width=”1024″ height=”768″ />International driving license © https://internationaldriversassociation.com/en/

Riding safely in the Philippines

Wearing a mask is mandatory to drive a scooter or a motorcycle in the Philippines. In reality, this is not’In reality, this is not very respected. It is however of course very important for the safety.

It is therefore necessary to check that the rental company provides the helmet before validating the reservation.

Also, it is advisable to check with the scooter or motorcycle rental company that’it is insured, as it is not a valid driver’s license’is not always the case.

The motorcycle must also have valid papers: Official Receipt + Certificate of Registration.

A rule to follow when the’one drives a two-wheeler in the Philippines: be careful. Indeed, one can be brought to roll on bumpy roads because they are badly maintained. Animals can wander on the road at any time.

Other drivers don’t respect the rules of the road very much. And if you rent a scooter in the city like in Manila, be aware that the streets are often very congested. The scooters tend to overtake constantly and without much prudence.

Find out the price of a scooter or motorcycle rental in the Philippines

In order to rent a vehicle in the Philippines, it is important to know the price of the vehicle’The best thing to do is to know the prices in advance and compare the offers of several rental companies.

Rates vary depending on the location of the rental and the islands. However, from’The cost of renting a motorcycle is a general average’a scooter is allowed’about 600 pesos / 10 euros for a “tourist” destination like El Nido. At this cost s’Add the cost of refueling the scooter.

And you, have you ever tested the rental of a scooter?’a scooter in the Philippines ? How to get there’Your experience is over ?