L. A. Confidential test of the new Escape Game by the Lock Academy

L.A. Confidential: test of the new Escape Game by Lock Academy

Here is a test of the escape game L.A. Confidential proposed since June 2018 by the Lock Academy of Boulevard Sebastopol. Investigator, get your pens and notebooks (or not…) !

As usual, even before it starts, Lock Academy puts us in the mood.

The new (June 2018) premises of Boulevard Sebastopol are spacious, still decorated in the colors of the Detective Academy (the best in the world).

Several rooms are proposed: Revolt at the Lock, L’Examen, and so L.A. Confidential which we test in preview.

Is the room as qualitative as other experiences ?

The pitch L.A. Confidential

Sworn enemy of the Lock Academy, the terrible Jim Key has struck again !

threatening to destroy the school, he gives you a (seemingly) impossible mission: to break into the Lock Academy’s most secure room, the Archive Room, and steal a secret document codenamed L.A Confidential.

Problem is, this legendary room is not present on any school map and its location is the best kept mystery of the academy..


Warning: the investigation L.A Confidential is not suitable for people who suffer from claustrophobia.

Lock Academy: L.A. Confidential, the test of the Redak

The investigation, the room, the mystery: everything is already solid when writing this review since the room has already been visited by more than 25 beta-testers. We live the “finished product”.

Don&#8217t be too afraid of the claustrophobia alert. By definition, an escape game is supposed to offer sensations of confinement. Some are more pronounced than others about the notion of restricted space… L.A.

Confidential did not shock us either. On the contrary ! The feeling of immersion is very present, without being extremely heavy.


Visual immersion goes hand in hand with good script writing. L.A. Confidential is based on two levels of script that you will have to analyze correctly in order to thwart Jim Key’s plans.

The history is very nice. It is obviously to conduct an investigation but it is of a very particular content ! Because locating and entering the most secret room of the Lock Academy implies that the school has many secrets hidden in its drawers…

It is often said that the devil is in the details. L.A. Confidential confirms this expression and values the team work.

Both in terms of solving the puzzles and in the settings, this Escape Game is very “beautiful”. Scenery that is sometimes almost too realistic and that slowed us down . Not to mention the frequent and fortunately easily foiled false leads. We know that it is done on purpose, of course !

Recommended for beginners as well as for good players looking for a good immersion. We were four players and it seems that it is perfectly suited to the room… For reasons that we will not reveal, obviously !

And since the Lock Academy is quite good at story-telling, it seems that it is better to do it in the open air.A. Confidential before The Revolt 😉 And if you want to familiarize yourself with the characters, why not take a little tour through the room of the Châtelet Academy to try to solve the mystery of the disappearance of Cher Lock, the daughter of Professor !

The opinion of the Oblikon testers


Pierrick’s opinion

L.A. Confidential is a wonderful adventure full of twists and turns. Particularly well-prepared sceneries that add to a well exposed and well planned scenario, with a devilishly effective interaction.

The immersion becomes total and leaves no one indifferent. Enigmas, tests, adrenaline, and a lot of fun in this new escape game, made in L.A. !

A word from Coralie

An escape game that revises the usual codes, with a real work on the settings for a top immersion.

Drieli&#8217s experience

An imaginative scenario with a real logic behind the clues. A fun and interactive experience that you won’t regret.